Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform
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Configuring the Profiler

The configuration for the Profiler topology is stored in ZooKeeper at /metron/topology/profiler. These properties also exist in the default installation of HCP at $METRON_HOME/config/zookeeper/profiler.json. You can change these values two ways: with Ambari or on disk and then uploaded to ZooKeeper using $METRON_HOME/bin/zk_load_configs.sh. The following task uses Ambari to configure the Profiler.

  1. Display the Ambari user interface and click the Services tab.
    You might need to work with your Platform Engineer to modify Profiler values.
  2. Click Metron in the list of services, then click the Configs tab.
  3. Click the Profiler tab.
    Ambari displays a list of Profiler properties that you can use to configure Profiler.

    Profiler Properties in Ambari

  4. Use these properties to configure the Profiler, then click the Save button near the top of the window.
    The profiler input topic is bound to the enrichment output topic. If that enrichment output topic is changed, then the profiler will restart as well as the enrichment topology.

    Enrichment Output Topic