Run Book
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OPTIONAL: Create a Mock Enrichment Source

For our runbook demonstration, we create a mock enrichment source. In your production environment you will want to use a genuine enrichment source.

To create a mock enrichment source, complete the following steps:

  1. As root user, log into $HOST_WITH_ENRICHMENT_TAG.

  2. Copy and paste the following data into a file called whois_ref.csv in $METRON_HOME/config. This CSV file represents our enrichment source., "Google Inc.", "US", "Dns Admin",874306800000, "", "US", "PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC",788706000000, "Capital One Services, Inc.", "US", "Domain Manager",795081600000, "Cisco Technology Inc.", "US", "Info Sec",547988400000, "Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.", "US", "Domain Name Manager",748695600000, "CBS Interactive Inc.", "US", "Domain Admin",833353200000, "NBA Media Ventures, LLC", "US", "C/O Domain Administrator",786027600000, "ESPN, Inc.", "US", "ESPN, Inc.",781268400000, "Internet Invest, Ltd. dba", "UA", "Whois privacy protection service",806583600000, "Hortonworks, Inc.", "US", "Domain Administrator",1303427404000, "Microsoft Corporation", "US", "Domain Administrator",673156800000, "Yahoo! Inc.", "US", "Domain Administrator",790416000000, "Rackspace US, Inc.", "US", "Domain Admin",903092400000, "1 & 1 Internet Ltd","UK", "Domain Admin",943315200000

    Make sure you don't have an empty newline character as the last line of the CSV file, as that will result in a null pointer exception.