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1. Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform Information Roadmap
2. Preparing to Install
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System Requirements
Browser Requirements
Infrastructure Requirements
Software Requirements
Memory Requirements
Maximum Open File Descriptors
3. Installing HCP on an Ambari-Managed Cluster Using Ambari
Prerequisites for an Existing Cluster
Specifications for Hadoop Cluster
Specifications for Metron Nodes
Setting up the REST Application Database
Installing HCP on an Ambari Cluster
Installing HCP Ambari Management Packs
Installing Solr
Starting the Ambari Server
Installing, Configuring, and Deploying a HDP Cluster with HCP
Launching the Metron Dashboard
Importing Zeppelin Notebook Using Ambari
Streaming Data into HCP
Creating a NiFi Flow to Stream Events to HCP
Verifying That HCP Deployed Successfully
Launching HCP Management Module User Interface
Optimization Guidelines
4. Manually Installing HCP
Installation Variables
Preparing the Environment
Specifications for Hadoop Cluster
Specifications for Metron Nodes
Installing REST Application
Installing HCP
Setting Environment Variables
Creating a Repository
Installing HCP
Creating Kafka Topics
Creating HBase Tables
Creating an HCP Global.json File
Setting up the Metron Enrichment
Setting Up Indexing
Pushing the Configuration Changes to ZooKeeper
Loading GeoIP Data
Streaming Data into HCP
Starting Your Parsers
Starting Your Enrichments
Starting Indexing
Importing the Apache Zeppelin Notebook Manually
Verifying that HCP Deployed Successfully
Launching the HCP Management Module
Optimization Guidelines
5. Enabling Kerberos
Using Ambari to Enable Kerberos
Installing and Configuring the KDC
Installing the JCE
Enabling Kerberos on Ambari
Manually Enabling Kerberos