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Known Differences Between HCP 1.4.2 and HCP 1.4.1

The following bugs identify known differences between HCP 1.4.2 and HCP 1.4.1.

Table 1.6. Known Differences Between HCP 1.4.2 and HCP 1.4.1

METRON-941native PaloAlto parser corrupts message when having a comma in the payload
METRON-1273Website documentation link should point to the current site-book
METRON-1318Update MacOS Instructions for AWS
METRON-1337List of facets should not be hardcoded
METRON-1386Fix Metron Website Required Links
METRON-1394Create Rest endpoint to add the ACL for current user to kafka topics
METRON-1444Add Ubuntu Repositories for Elasticsearch to the Mpack
METRON-1446Fix openjdk issue with Ubuntu
METRON-1447Heap Size Not Set Correctly by MPack for ES 5.x
METRON-1450Add REST endpoint docs for index topology split
METRON-1451On Centos full dev, Metron Indexing shows up as stopped
METRON-1452Rebase Dev Environment on Latest CentOS 6
METRON-1455Patch and Replace methods in the REST UpdateController return 400
METRON-1457Move ASF links to main page in the Metron website
METRON-1460Create a complementary non-split-join enrichment topology
METRON-1463Adjust the groupings and shuffles in enrichment to be more efficient
METRON-1467Replace guava caches in places where the keyspace might be large
METRON-1468Add support for apache/metron-bro-plugin-kafka to prepare-commit
METRON-1470Update jquery to version 3+
METRON-1471Migrate shuffle connections to local or shuffle