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Setting up Zeppelin to Run with HCP

To install Zeppelin with HCP, see the following sections:

Setting up Zeppelin is very simple. To access Zeppelin, go to http://$ZEPPELIN_HOST:9995. To complete your set up, see the following sections:

In addition to this documentation, there are three other sources for Zeppelin information.

  • The Zeppelin installation for HCP provides a couple sample notes including tutorials specific to Metron. These notes are listed on the left side of the Welcome screen and in the Notebook menu.

  • Zeppelin documentation provides information on launching and using Zeppelin, and you can refer to the following links for this information:

  • Apache Zeppelin documentation provides information on Zeppelin basic features, supported interpreters, and more. To view the Apache Zeppelin documentation, see Apache Zeppelin 0.7.0.