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Installing HCP Ambari Management Pack


An HCP Ambari management pack bundles service definitions, stack definitions, and stack add-on service definitions so they do not need to be included with the Ambari core functionality and can be updated in between major releases. The HCP management pack includes Metron, plus the parser topologies, indexing topologies, and enrichment topologies.

You can find the management pack repositories for each of the operating systems supported by HCP at

The following is an example of installating the HCP Ambari management pack on CentosOS 7.

  1. Download the HCP management pack tar file from the HCP repo location:

    wget -nv
  2. Install the HCP management pack:

    ambari-server install-mpack --mpack=/${MPACK_DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY}/hcp-ambari-mpack- --verbose

    You should see a message saying that the management pack completed successfully.