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Updating Properties

HCP configuration information is stored in ZooKeeper as a series of JSON files. There are multiple locations from which you can populate the ZooKeeper configurations:

  • $METRON_HOME/config/zookeeper

  • Management UI

  • Ambari

  • Stellar REPL

However, Ambari explicitly manages some of these configuration properties. If you change a property explicity managed by Ambari from one of the other mechanisms outside of Ambari, such as the Management UI, Ambari will not be aware of this change and will overwrite it whenever the Metron topology is restarted. Therefore, you should modify Ambari-managed properties only in Ambari.

For example, the es.ip property is managed explicity by Ambari. If you modify es.ip and change the global.json file outside Ambari, you will not see this change in Ambari. Meanwhile, the indexing topology would be using the new value stored in ZooKeeper. You will not receive any errors notifying you of the discrepancy between ZooKeeper and Ambari. However, when you restart the Metron topology component via Ambari, the es.ip property would be set back to the value stored in Ambari.

See the following table for a list of Ambari-managed properties. All other properties can be managed in one of the mechanisms outside Ambari.

Table 4.1. Properties Managed by Ambari

Global Configuration Property NameAmbari Name