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Pruning Data From Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch provides tooling to prune index data through its Curator utility. For more information about the Curator utility, see Curator Reference.

The following is a sample invocation that you can configure through Cron to prune indexes based on timestamp in the index name.

/opt/elasticsearch-curator/curator_cli --host localhost delete_indices --filter_list '
       "filtertype": "age",
       "source": "name",
       "timestring": "%Y.%m.%d",
       "unit": "days",
       "unit_count": 10,
       "direction": "older”

Using name as the source tells Curator to look for a timestring within the index or snapshot name, and convert that into an epoch timestamp (epoch implies UTC).

For finer-grained control over the indexes that will be pruned, you can also provide multiple filters as an array of JSON objects to filter_list. There is an implicit logical AND when chaining multiple filters.

--filter_list '[{"filtertype":"age","source":"creation_date","direction":"older","unit":"days","unit_count":13},