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1. HCP Information Roadmap
2. Introduction to Hortonworks CyberSecurity Suite
HCP Architecture
Real-time Processing Security Engine
Telemetry Data Collectors
Data Services and Integration Layer
Understanding HCP Terminology
3. Configuring and Customizing
Adding a New Telemetry Data Source
Streaming Data into HCP
Parsing a New Data Source to HCP
Verify That the Events Are Indexed
Enriching Telemetry Events
Bulk Loading Enrichment Information
Streaming Enrichment Information
Configuring Indexing
Default Configuration
Specifying Index Parameters
Indexing (HDFS) Tuning
Turning Off HDFS Writer
Support for HCP 1.4.0
Using Threat Intelligence Feeds
Bulk Loading Threat Intelligence Information
Creating a Streaming Threat Intel Feed Source
Prioritizing Threat Intelligence
Performing Threat Triage Using the Management Module
Performing Threat Triage Using the CLI
Setting Up Enrichment Configurations
Sensor Configuration
Global Configuration
Configuring the Profiler
Creating an Index Template
Configuring the Metron Dashboard to View the New Data Source Telemetry Events
Setting up pcap to View Your Raw Data
Setting up pycapa
Starting pcap
Setting up Fastcapa
Using Fastcapa
Using Fastcapa in a Kerberized Environment
Troubleshooting Parsers
Storm is Not Receiving Data From a New Data Source
Determining Which Events Are Not Being Processed
4. Monitor and Management
Understanding Throughput
Updating Properties
Updating ZooKeeper
Managing Sensors
Starting and Stopping a Sensor
Modifying a Sensor
Deleting a Sensor
Monitoring Sensors
Displaying the Metron Error Dashboard
Default Metron Error Dashboard
Loading Metron Templates
Starting and Stopping Parsers
Starting and Stopping Enrichments
Starting and Stopping Indexing
Modifying the Elasticsearch Template
Pruning Data From Elasticsearch
Backing up the Metron Dashboard
Restoring Your Metron Dashboard Backup
5. Concepts
Java Parsers
General Purpose Parsers
Parser Configuration
Telemetry Data Source Parsers Bundled with Hortonworks Cybersecurity Package
YAF (NetFlow)
Enrichment Framework
Sensor Enrichment Configuration
Global Configuration
Using Stellar for Queries
Using Stellar to Transform Sensor Data Elements
Management Utility