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Displaying the Metron Error Dashboard

Prior to displaying the Metron Error Dashboard, ensure that you have completed the following:

The Metron Dashboard user interface defaults to displaying the Metron Dashboard. To display the Metron Error Dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. Click (Load Saved Dashboard icon) in the upper right corner of the Metron Dashboard, then choose Metron Error Dashboard from the list of dashboards.

  2. Click (timeframe tab) in the upper right corner of the Metron Error Dashboard to choose the timeframe you need the error dashboard to cover

The Metron Error dashboard receives the following information for all error messages:

  • Exception

  • Hostname - which machine the error occurred on

  • Stack trace

  • Time - When the error occurred

  • Message

  • Raw Message - original message

  • Raw_message_bytes - The bytes of the original message

  • Hash - To determine if there is a duplicate message

  • Source_type - Identifies source sensor

  • Error type - Parser error, etc.