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Deleting a Sensor

You can delete a sensor if you don't need it.


You must take the sensor offline before deleting it.

  1. In the Ambari user interface, click the Services tab, then Metron from the list of services.

  2. Click the Configs tab and then click Parsers.

    Figure 4.3. ambari_configs_parsers.png

  3. Remove the parser you want to delete from the Metron Parsers field.

  4. Next, display the Management module.

  5. Select the check box next to the appropriate sensor in the Sensors table.

    You can delete more than one sensor at a time by clicking multiple check boxes.

  6. From the Actions menu, choose Delete.

    The Management module deletes the sensor from ZooKeeper.

  7. Finally, delete the json file for the sensor on the Ambari master node:

    cd $METRON_HOME/config/zookeeper/parser
    rm $DATASOURCE.json