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Fastcapa-Core Parameters
Port Mask-p PORT_MASKA bit mask identifying which ports to bind.0x01
Burst Size-b BURST_SIZEMaximum number of packets to receive at one time.32
Receive Descriptors-r NB_RX_DESCThe number of descriptors for each receive queue (the size of the receive queue.) Limited by the ethernet device in use.1024
Transmission Ring Size-x TX_RING_SIZEThe size of each transmission ring. This must be a power of 2.2048
Number Receive Queues-q NB_RX_QUEUENumber of receive queues to use for each port. Limited by the ethernet device in use.2
Kafka Topic-t KAFKA_TOPICThe name of the Kafka topic.pcap
Configuration File-c KAFKA_CONFPath to a file containing configuration values. 
Stats-s KAFKA_STATSAppends performance metrics in the form of JSON strings to the specified file. 

To get more information about the Fastcapa specific parameters, run the following. Note that this puts the -h after the double-dash --.

fastcapa -- -h