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Querying, Filtering, and Visualizing Data

You can interactively explore your data source data using the Metron dashboard. When HCP parses a telemetry, it extracts and normalizes different parts of the message into a standard Metron JSON object. Standardizing and normalizing field names and formats allows HCP to search different telemetry messages with a single query. You have access to every document in every index that matches your selected index patterns. The Metron dashboard enables you to submit search queries on the data source data, filter the search results, and view the results in a number of visualizations.

In HCP, if telemetry indexing is enabled, a rotating index for every telemetry is created. By convention this index will have a name [telemetry_name]_[timestamp]. Telemetry documents indexed into this index will by convention be called [telemetry_name]_doc. Queries reference the document type of the indexed telemetries.

This section details how to explore and analyze your data using the following methods: