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Managing Your Filters

When you create a filter anywhere in the Metron dashboard, the filter conditions display in a green oval under the search text entry box.

Figure 3.5. Query Search Text Entry Box

You can perform several actions on the filter. Hover over the green oval to display the actions you can perform on the filter. If you click on the Actions menu in the filter bar, it will open a menu that allows you manipulate all of the filters.


Toggles between disabling and enabling the filter without removing it.


Pinned filters persist across Kibana tabs.


Toggles between inclusion and exclusion. If a filter is set to inclusion, only elements that match the filter are displayed. If a filter is set to exclusion, the dashboard will display elements that don't match the filter. Exclusion filters display in red.


Removes the filter entirely.


Enables you to customize the JSON representation of the filter and specify an alias to use for the filter name. For example, you can use JSON filter representation to implement predicate logic, with should for OR, must for AND, and must_not for NOT.


Applies any of the filter actions to all the filters currently in place.