Release Notes
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New Features

HCP is a cybersecurity application framework that provides the ability to parse diverse security data feeds, enrich, triage, and store the data at scale, and detect cybersecurity anomalies. HCP 1.2.2 provides the following new features:

  • Support for Fastcapa both in a regular and Kerberized environment

  • Alerts user interface

    • Displaying alerts

    • Searching alerts

    • Saving searches

    • Viewing your recent and saved searches

    • Configuring Alerts table

  • New Tuning Guide

  • Significant performance improvement for parsing

  • M-pack support for Management Module

  • Additional Zeppelin dashboards

    • Bro Data

    • IP Investigation

    • PC Query Interface

  • PCAP filtering options

    • Binary regular expression (regex) searches

    • PCAP querying by Stellar expression