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Global Configuration

Global enrichments are applied to all data sources as opposed to other enrichments that are applied at the field level. In other words, every message from every sensor is validated against the global configuration rules. The format of the global enrichment is a JSON string-to-object map that is stored in ZooKeeper. For example:

This configuration is stored in ZooKeeper and looks something like the following:

  "es.clustername": "metron",
  "es.ip": "node1",
  "es.port": "9300",
  "": "yyyy.MM.dd.HH",
  "fieldValidations" : [
                "input" : [ "ip_src_addr", "ip_dst_addr" ],
                "validation" : "IP",
                "config" : {
                    "type" : "IPV4"

For a complete list of all of the Stellar language functions currently supported by HCP, see Appendix A.