Data Steward Studio Installation and Upgrade
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Run the DataPlane Profiler Upgrade Script

After upgrading the DataPlane Profiler on Ambari, you must log in to the DataPlane Profiler Agent node and run the DataPlane Profiler upgrade script.

  1. Log in to the DataPlane Profiler Agent machine.
  2. Navigate to DSS upgrade directory:
    cd /usr/dss/1.4.0.x/upgrade/
  3. Configure the file upgrade_configs.json with the required values.

    Make sure you double check the above configurations. Note that setting port numbers and http prefix is error prone. The previous_dss_version parameter should also be substituted accordingly. This value can be obtained from the backed up version at /usr/dss.bak/{version} where version is the correct value to be substituted.

    Upgrade scripts are not idempotent and if the configurations are wrong when upgrade scripts are run, manual changes will be required in the scripts to rerun data upgrade procedure.

    A sample configuration for a wire encrypted cluster appears as follows:

      "atlas_url": "",
      "profiler_agent_url": "",
      "cluster_name": "cl1",  "previous_dss_version": ""
  4. Log in as the dpprofiler user:
    su dpprofiler
  5. Run the upgrade script:
  6. Restart the Dataplane Profiler Agent service from Ambari.