DSS Release Notes
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What’s New in this Release

New features and changes for have been introduced in the Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS), along with documentation updates. New features are described in the following sections.

  • 1.0
    • General Availability (GA) of
    • Improved Asset Collections
      • Data assets can now belong to more than one Asset Collection
      • Improved functionality for Asset Collections: CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
      • Collaborate with other users: add asset collections to your favorites, add personalized bookmarks, and engage in discussions with others (Technical Preview)
    • Dashboards for datalake, asset collections, and individual assets
    • Sensitive Data Profiler: performs context and content inspection to detect various types of sensitive data and automatically suggest suitable classifications or tags based on the type of sensitive content detected or discovered.
    • Sensitive data classification approval workflow