Data Steward Studio Administration
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Understanding Asset Collections

An asset collection is a list of assets that have been grouped and assigned unique search criteria by a data steward for purposes of management and administration.

With Asset Collections, you can:

  • Organize: Group data assets into asset collections based on business classifications, purpose, protections, relevance, etc.

  • Search: Find tags or assets in your data lake using Hive assets, attribute facets, or free text.

  • Summarize: View personalized dashboards with an overview of data assets within an asset collection.

  • Understand: Audit data asset security and use for anomaly detection, forensic audit/compliance & proper control mechanisms

Asset Collections are immutable once created. Once an Asset Collection has been created by running a query filter, the assets contained within it are not updated when subsequent changes (such as additional assets being added or deleted) that pass the filtering criteria will not be updated in the Asset Collection.