Data Steward Studio Administration
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Evaluation Software Features

The following capabilities are available in this Tech Preview:

The technical preview of Data Steward Studio will provide organization and curation capabilities for creating Data Asset Collections based on Hive Tables. Additionally, Data Steward Studio provides an Asset 360 View which has a comprehensive picture of various types of metadata for Hive tables (E.G., technical properties, lineage, security policies, classifications or tags, schema or structure.) Additionally, users can drill down into a view that shows statistical summaries of data in the columns contained within the Hive tables as well as summarized views of the usage of a Hive table from access and audit logs.

Data Steward Studio 1.0 is a Hortonworks Evaluation Software. Data Steward Studio is available within DataPlane, but is not ready for production deployment. Hortonworks encourages you to explore this technical preview release in non-production environments and provide feedback on the technical preview via your Hortonworks support channels or Hortonworks Community Forums.