DPS Release Notes
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Known Issues

DPS has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release. Where available, a workaround has been provided.

Hortonworks Bug ID Summary

Problem: When issuing "dpdeploy.sh destroy --all" does not do a complete cleanup, leaving the keystore.

Description: When issuing dpdeploy.sh destroy --all, the keystore is not removed.

Workaround: Since destroy must be followed by an init command to re-initialize the keystore, before performing the re-initialization, be sure to remove the keystore /usr/dp/current/core/bin/certs.


Problem: Keystore warning on Centos 7 / openJDK 8 when accessing the DP set keystore

Error Message: Warning message is printed related to keystore when configuring DPS:
The JCEKS keystore uses a proprietary format. It is recommended to migrate to PKCS12 
which is an industry standard format using "keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore 
/usr/dp/ -destkeystore 
/usr/dp/ -deststoretype pkcs12

Workaround: dpdeploy.sh commands might occasionally print a warning as given the description above. This warning is due to the usage of a supported but proprietary keystore format for storing credentials securely. This is message harmless and can be ignored.


Problem: DPS session timeout occurs after 2 hours, does not account for when the user was last active.

Workaround: If session timeout occurs, re-login to DPS.


Problem: DPS Platform should not allow cluster addition as local admin user

Description: DPS currently allows the local super user to log in and attempt to register clusters. However, since the local super user might not be a valid LDAP user, cluster registration or subsequent interactions might fail with authorization issues.

Workaround: Always register LDAP users in DPS platform via the user management functionality and register clusters only after logging in as those users.


Problem: DPS by default is showing wrong DPS Service versions, and has wrong doc links.

Description: When enabling DPS Services, the DLM service shows version 1.0.0, while the latest DLM service is 1.1.0. When clicking "Know More", the link to documentation is incorrect and points to version 1.0.0.

Workaround: Be sure to browse the 1.1.0 product documentation on docs.hortonworks.com.