Installing DPS
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(Optional) Configure an external database

Although DPS includes an embedded PostgreSQL database, the embedded database is intended for nonproduction use. You should use an external database for production environments. After installing the database following the instructions provided with the database software, you must set up the database for use with DPS.

Currently, PostgreSQL database is supported.
  • You must have the proper role to perform this task.
  • The PostgreSQL database must have been installed and properly configured for remote access.
  • A database must have been created.
  • A database user must have been created and assigned permissions for the new database.
  1. Open the <installer_home>/ file for editing.
    vi /usr/dp/current/core/bin/
  2. Modify the DB Configs settings to add the appropriate connection information.

Your external database is now set up so that you can configure it for DPS during DPS installation.