Installing DPS
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Installation overview

DPS Platform and its associated DPS Apps are installed on a single host. The DPS Platform and the DPS Apps run as a set of “containers” on Docker on this host. It is recommend this is a dedicated host distinct from other software or cluster hosts. We will refer to this host as your DP Instance (or “DP Host”).

Hosts from clusters that you plan to register into DPS must be accessible from this host. The hostname of a cluster node must be DNS addressable from the DPS host. In addition, for any DPS Apps you plan to use with these clusters, you must install the requisite Cluster Agent for that DPS App (for example: DLM Engine or DSS Profiler). Be sure your clusters meet the hardware and software requirements for that particular Agent. See the DPS Support Matrix and the support matrix for each of the DPS Apps that you want to install.

You are strongly encouraged to read completely through this entire document before starting the installation process, to that you understand the interdependencies and order of the steps.