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Chapter 1. Requirements for DataPlane Service Platform Host

Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS™) is composed of a platform (DPS Platform) and the services that plug into the platform (DLM, DSS, etc.), which are all installed on the same host node. DPS also includes engines and agents that are installed on the clusters used with DPS.

You should install the DPS Platform on a host remote to the cluster. The DPS Platform host must meet the requirements identified in the following sections.

HDP and Apache Ambari Versions

Ensure that you have reviewed the HDP and Ambari Support Matrices.

All clusters registered with DPS must be managed by Apache Ambari.

DescriptionGeneral Availability Release

Required Docker Versions

Docker 1.12.x

Operating Systems

DPS 1.0 and DLM 1.0 are certified for use with CentOS 7.x and RHEL 7.x versions. These operating systems include support for Docker 1.12 or higher.

Operating SystemSupported Version
CentOSCentOS 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
RHELRHEL 7.0.1, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3


PostgreSQLPostgreSQL 9.6.3-alpine, PostgreSQL 9.6.3-alpine database is included in the Docker container and is brought online during installation. The database is for evaluation purposes; all data is lost if the Docker containers are destroyed.
 External PostgreSQL 9.6.x 
 Postgres 9.2 

Supported Browsers

The following browsers are supported. The latest version of any browser is recommended.

  • Chrome

  • Safari

  • Firefox

Other Software Requirements

On each DPS Platform host, ensure that the following software is available:

  • yum and rpm

  • tar and wget

  • bash shell

JDK Requirements

You do not need to install a JDK. The required JDK (JDK 8) is installed with the Docker container for DPS.

Processing and Memory Requirements

The DPS Platform host requires the following:

  • Multicore processor, with minimum 8 cores

  • Minimum 16 GB RAM

See the HDP and Ambari Support Matrices for requirements.

Port and Network Requirements

Have the following ports available and open:

Port NumberPurposeRequired to be open?
80Where DPS Platform runs.Yes
443For SSL-based communication.Yes
8443Where the Apache Knox instance for login runs.Yes

For debugging using Consul.

This port must be available, but it is optional to have it open.


It is recommended that you use a DNS server to resolve host names. If resolving host names from an /etc/hosts file, you must add the names to the hosts files of each DPS container. Follow the instructions, Add Host Entries to /etc/hosts Files in DPS Administration.

LDAP and AD Support Requirements

To use LDAP and AD, you must use the same LDAP and AD instance across all HDP clusters managed by DataPlane, as well as for DataPlane Service itself.

HDP 2.6.3 Apache Component Requirements

The following additional Apache components are required for DPS Platform support:

Component PurposeComments
KnoxUser authentication with LDAP (SSO)Knox must be enabled on clusters before you can register the clusters with DPS.
AmbariCluster registration in DPSAll clusters used with DPS must be using Ambari.

SmartSense Requirements

A SmartSense ID is required to install DPS Services (DLM and DSS).

You can retrieve the SmartSense ID from the Hortonworks Support Portal, under the Tools tab.