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Unsupported Features

This section lists some features that are not currently supported in Hortonworks DPS 1.0.

Although the features listed in the Evaluation Software section are available for DPS, Hortonworks does not currently support them in a production environment.

  • Evaluation Software Features

  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

  • Wire encryption (in-flight)

  • Constraint replication for Hive 2

  • Table and column statistics are not replicated for Hive tables

Evaluation Software Features

The following Evaluation Software is provided without charge and pursuant to your the DataPlane Service Terms of Use. Evaluation Software may only be used for internal business, evaluation, and non-production purposes. Feedback on Evaluation Software is welcomed and may be submitted through your regular support channels. The following features are available with DSS Evaluation Software on DPS 1.0:

DSS Service

Provides a unified stewardship console to understand, organize, and curate data assets.

  • Create and manage asset collections that help organize different physical assets by how they are relevant to and used in a business context.

  • View the details of data assets in multiple clusters and understand how data assets are secured

    Consolidate metadata views for Hive data assets

  • Understand and profile how data assets are accessed and used through mining of audit logs for authorization

  • Compute data profile for columns of an asset

  • Display visualizations of profiled data

  • Shows upstream lineage and downstream impact