DPS Installation and Setup
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Install the Engines and Agents on Ambari Clusters

Some DPS services require that software be installed on the clusters used with the service. For example, Data Lifecycle Manager requires that the DLM Engine be installed on each cluster that is to be used in replication jobs. The engines and agents are installed on the Ambari host, using an Ambari MPack. They must be installed on each cluster that is to be used with DPS.

A management pack (MPack) bundles service definitions, stack definitions, and stack add-on service definitions so they do not need to be included with the Ambari core functionality and can be updated in between major releases.


Ensure that you have downloaded the required MPacks from the customer portal to the Ambari Server host on each cluster you plan to use with DPS. Follow the download instructions provided as part of the product procurement process.

About This Task

You must have root access to the Ambari Server host node to perform this task.

This task must be completed on all clusters to be used with DPS.

Beacon is the internal name for the DLM Engine. If you install DLM, you will see the name Beacon in some paths, commands, etc.


  1. Log in as root to an Ambari host on a cluster.

    ssh root@<ambari-ip-address>
  2. Install the engine or agent MPack by running the following command.

    ambari-server install-mpack --mpack <mpack-file-name> --verbose 

    Repeat this command for each service that you are installing.

  3. Restart the Ambari server.

    ambari-server restart
  4. Repeat this task on each cluster being used with DPS.

Next Steps

If installing DLM, configure the Beacon user as HDFS superuser.

Configure the services in Ambari.

More Information

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