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Register a Cluster in DPS Platform

You can register Ambari-managed clusters with DPS Platform. Clusters must be registered before you can enable them for use with any DPS service.


Clusters must have been created by using Apache Ambari prior to registering the clusters with DPS Platform. Clusters that are not managed by Ambari cannot be accessed by DPS Platform or associated services.

About This Task

The DataPlane Admin role is required to perform this task.


After you register a cluster in DPS Platform, do not change the cluster name in Ambari. A cluster name change in Ambari does not currently propagate to DPS Platform. Therefore, replication jobs in Data Lifecycle Manager associated with that cluster name fail, and datasets associated with that cluster name are not discoverable in Data Steward Studio.


  1. Click the (Clusters) icon in the DPS Platform navigation pane.

  2. Click Add Cluster.

  3. Enter the URL or the host name for the Ambari host that manages the cluster:

    • Use the format https://<IP address>:8080 or http://<hostname>:8080, for example:

    • The host name must either be in a DNS server or configured in the etc/hosts file.

    DPS Platform automatically discovers cluster information, such as the cluster name, active services, and metrics.

  4. Click Go.

    The new cluster displays in the list on the Clusters page.

Next Steps

Enable clusters for use with specific DPS Platform services, such as Data Lifecycle Manager, Data Steward Studio, and so forth.