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Add Host Entries to the /etc/hosts File on the Container

If you are using hosts that are not publicly addressable from a DNS server, you must add IP address and host name mapping to the /etc/hosts file of each associated DPS container. Ensure that all hosts to be used with DPS are publicly addressable, including the Knox hosts.

You must use the specific method and format identified in this task to make the mapping information usable by DPS Platform.

About This Task

Perform this task only after DPS Platform is installed and running.

This task is required only for /etc/hosts handling. It is not required if the Ambari and cluster hosts have valid DNS entries in a DNS server.

  1. Log in as the root user to a terminal on the DPS host.

  2. Type the following command to add the host to the /etc/hosts file of the container:

    dpdeploy.sh utils add-host <ip> <host>
  3. Repeat this procedure on each cluster registered with DPS Platform.

More Information

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