Installing DataPlane
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Configure Knox Trusted Proxy Pattern for DataPlane

This topic provides an overview of how to configure Knox Trusted Proxy Pattern (TPP) in your cluster to work with DataPlane.

You will be configuring Knox TPP in your cluster to work with your DP instance.

  • Make sure that the cluster running Ambari 2.7.3 or later.
  • Make sure that Kerberos is enabled on the cluster.
  • Make sure that Ambari is configured for Kerberos.
  • Make sure that Knox is installed on the cluster.
  • Make sure that the cluster has your DP App cluster agents installed and any dependent cluster services installed and configured.
  • You will run this command from your cluster Knox host as root.
  • Make sure you have the following information readily available:
    • Ambari URL (with an Ambari Admin username and password)
    • DataPlane URL (with a DataPlane Admin username and password)
    • Knox URL (that is network accessible from DataPlane)
  1. In a terminal, SSH to the Knox host in your cluster.
  2. Download the DP Cluster Setup Utility Script from this location.
  3. Execute the script as root and follow the prompts.