Installing DataPlane
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(Optional) Configure a TLS certificate

If you choose to use the default TLS (formerly SSL) certificates provided with DataPlane, then DataPlane generates self-signed certificates. If using your own certificates, then you must modify certificate configuration settings.

DP Platform is required as a baseline, but you can install any combination of DP apps on top of the platform. After installing the platform, see the installation instructions for each DP app for instructions on how to install and configure the app on the platform.

  • You will be configuring your own SSL certificate.
  • You need root user access on the DP Host to perform this task.
  • Have the full path and file name for the public key and private key (.pem files) and the certificate password available.
  1. Open the configuration file:
  2. Uncomment and modify the following properties:
  3. Save the file.