DPS Installation and Setup
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Chapter 1. Overview

Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS™) is a common set of services to manage, secure, and govern data assets across multiple tiers and types. It does this for data at rest and in multiple clusters and tiers (on-premises, cloud, and to the point of origin (IOT)).

Services Available for Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS)

The following services are currently available as plugins to DPS. You can install and use one or all of these services in any combination. DPS Platform is required to implement any plugin service.

Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM)

Provides the ability to schedule replication across clusters and sources for HDFS and Hive data.

See the DLM Administration guide for information about using DLM.

Data Steward Studio (DSS)

Provides a suite of capabilities that allows users to understand and govern data across enterprise data lakes.

See the DSS Administration guide for information about using DSS.

Supported Configurations

See the following for information about supported configurations: