DPS Platform Administration
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Chapter 6. Troubleshooting DPS

To verify that your environment meets the requirements for DPS, see DPS Support Matrix.

Endpoint not accessible

DLM does not support updating any cluster endpoints (HDFS, Hive, Ranger, or DLM Engine). If an endpoint must be modified, contact Hortonworks Support for assistance.

Logging in Using the DPS Local Admin Role

When you log in as the local DPS Admin, you bypass Knox. The local admin role allows you to perform administrative activities and troubleshoot problems when access through LDAP and Knox is not available. The local admin is also the role you use to log in to DPS the first time, before LDAP is configured in DPS for SSO.

About This Task

For login, the default username is admin. The password you use to log in is set during the installation process.


  1. Log in by appending /sign-in to the DPS login URL, for example:


Ranger UI Does Not Display Deny Policy Items

Description: When a policy with deny conditions is created on Ranger-Admin for a replication relationship, the Policy Details page in Ranger should show the deny policy items also. However, the deny policy items do not display in the Policy Details page.

Workaround: If deny policy items do not appear on the Ranger admin Policy Details page, first enable deny conditions for policies from Ambari>Ranger>Configs>Advanced>Custom ranger-admin-site, add ranger.servicedef.enableDenyAndExceptionsInPolicies=true, and then restart target ranger-admin.