DPS Platform Administration
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Chapter 3. Managing DPS Services

Enable a Service

You must enable, through DPS Platform, any DPS service you want to use.

Before enabling a service, you must have properly installed and configured the service and the associated service engine.


You must have a SmartSense ID available. You can retrieve the SmartSense ID from the Hortonworks Support Portal under the Tools tab.

About This Task

The DataPlane Admin role is required to perform this task.


  1. From DPS Platform, click the (Services) icon in the navigation pane.

    The Services page displays. Services listed in the table have been enabled. Services identified by a tile icon are available to be enabled.

  2. Hover the cursor over the tile for the service you want to enable and click the Enable button that appears.

    A verification page displays.

  3. Enter the case-sensitive SmartSense ID and click Verify.

  4. Click Next.

    The enabled service displays in the Enabled Services list on the Admin/Services page: