DLM Release Notes
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What’s New in this Release

The DLM Service 1.4.0 release includes the following new features:

Summary Category Description
External Table Replication Hive Replication of external tables to target clusters as external Hive tables, so that external tables can be used for running non-Hive workloads. This feature is supported only for replication from HDP 2.6.5 to 2.6.5. For more information, see External Table replication in the DLM Administrator's Guide.
Storage-based Authorization Hive Hive supports the combination of doAs=true plus storage-based authorization. Previous DLM versions did not support this combination. For more information, see Storage-based authorization in the DLM Administrator's Guide.
Enable replication from encrypted to un-encrypted storage Replication DLM now enables replication from encrypted dataset to un-encrypted dataset. However, the UI displays a warning that the encrypted data is replicated to un-encrypted data and the user has to manually allow for this process to complete.
Statistics Replication Replication DLM now supports statistics-based replication. For more information, see Statistics replication in the DLM Administrator's Guide.