DLM Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in DLM 1.4.0 release

Hortonworks Bug ID Category Description
BUG-115352 DistCp Renamed file on the source is not copied to the target cluster
BUG-115371 DistCp Handle deleted files in the source cluster
BUG-117809 Hive Compress NOTIFICATION_LOG data to prevent large RDBMS footprint
BUG-117708 Policy list Unhandled NullPointerException in PolicyListExecutor
BUG-116896 Replication job Replication job on 3.1 fails with exception 'Failed to renew token: Kind: kms-dt'
BUG-116418 Atlas Atlas replication fails from HDP 2.6.5 to 3.1 unsecure clusters
BUG-116323 Policy edit Edit policy for 'disable Atlas replication'
BUG-116092 Cluster pair Cluster submit fails for DataLake cluster
BUG-115898 Hive Hive on-premise replication from HDP 2.6.5 to HDP 3.1 is slow
BUG-115700 Hive HDP 2.6 to 3.1 - Hive on-premise replication running in serial mode
BUG-115589 Authorisation User with DLM User Role can view the abort button on Overview Page, but not on Policy page
BUG-111348 Cluster pair Validate Atlas Endpoint during pairing
BUG-118235 DLM App Upgrade to jackson-databind version 2.9.8
BUG-116011 Hive Enable move optimizationfor cloud replication