DLM Installation and Upgrade
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Upgrading DLM

There are multiple components and clusters that are involved while upgrading DLM.

  • Dataplane Platform and DLM App which are installed on the Dataplane host.
  • HDP and DLM engine on the multiple HDP clusters.
On upgrading HDP release from 2.6.5 to 3.x, DLM Engine would be removed as part of upgrade process. You must install the required version of DLM Engine after the HDP upgrade succeeds.

These components and clusters may not be upgraded at once, but can be upgraded over a period of time. DLM is designed to work across versions for these components.

However, the following upgrade order is recommended for performing the upgrade process.
  1. Upgrade Dataplane Platform and DLM App on the Dataplane host.

  2. Upgrade HDP and DLM Engine on one cluster

  3. Upgrade HDP and DLM Engine on another cluster