DLM Installation and Upgrade
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Upgrade DLM Engine

Follow these steps to upgrade from one version of the DLM Engine to the higher version.

  1. Stop DLM Engine service using Ambari UI. Ambari > DLM Engine > Service Actions > Stop
  2. Remove the DLM Engine service from Ambari. Ambari > DLM Engine > Service Actions > Delete Service
  3. Login to DLM Engine host using SSH. Remove the beacon RPM on DLM Engine host using:
    yum remove <beacon_RPM_name>
    To get the name of beacon rpm, do: rpm –qa|grep beacon
  4. On the DLM Engine host, remove the /usr/dlm/current directory.
  5. Login to Ambari host using SSH.
  6. Uninstall the mpack for beacon in Ambari server: ambari-server uninstall-mpack --mpack-name beacon-engine.mpack
  7. Install the new beacon mpack:
    ambari-server install-mpack --mpack=/tmp/beacon-ambari-mpack-<version>.tar.gz --verbose
  8. Restart Ambari server.
    ambari-server restart
  9. Setup a local repository with new DLM engine binaries.
  10. Update the beacon repo URL in the Ambari UI.
    Go to Ambari > Admin > Stacks and Versions > Manage > HDP- <version>

    Under repositories, update the new repo URL for DLM for the OS of the cluster and click Save.

  11. Add the beacon service in Ambari UI by going through steps for adding a service: Ambari > Actions > Add Service > DLM Engine