DLM Installation
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Configure DLM Engine for TLS with a trusted CA certificate

You can enable SSL for the DLM Engine using a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Certificates from a trusted CA are primarily used in production environments. For a test environment, you can use a self-signed certificate.

  • You must have root user access to the clusters on which DLM Engine is installed.
  • You must have obtained a certificate from your CA, following their instructions.
  1. Log in as root user on the cluster with DLM Engine installed.
  2. Import the Certificate Chain Certificate and the certificate you obtained from your CA.
    keytool -import -alias root -keystore <path_to_keystore_file> -trustcacerts -file <certificate_chain_certificate>
    keytool -import -alias jetty -keystore <path_to_keystore_file> -file <certificate_from_CA>
Configure the keystore for DataPlane use.