DLM Installation
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Configure the DLM Beacon user

The DLM Engine employs the default Beacon user to perform actions on the cluster nodes. The Beacon user is created during the DLM Engine installation, configured as a Hadoop Proxy superuser. However, the Beacon user must also be configured as an HDFS superuser, after completing the DLM Engine installation.

This task must be completed on every NameNode on clusters used with DLM.

“Beacon” is the internal name for the DLM Engine. You will see the name Beacon in some paths, commands, etc.

  1. Log in to a NameNode host as root.
  2. Assign the Beacon user to the HDFS superuser group.
    usermod -a -G hdfs beacon
  3. Refresh configuration and mappings files.
    hdfs dfsadmin -refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration
    hdfs dfsadmin -refreshUserToGroupsMappings
  4. Verify that Beacon was added as a user to the HDFS superuser group.
    hdfs groups beacon
    The output should display HDFS as one of the groups.
  5. Repeat this process on every NameNode used with DLM for replication.