DLM Installation
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Requirements for DLM authorization on Kerberos secured clusters

In addition to the security tasks you must complete for DPS, and to satisfy your environmental or corporate requirements, you must ensure the following are properly configured so that DLM replication jobs complete successfully on clusters with Kerberos enabled. No other special configuration is required for authorization and authentication with DLM on a cluster secured using Kerberos.

  • HDFS, Hive, Knox, and Ranger are enabled in Ambari
  • Ranger plugins are enabled for HDFS and Hive
  • Clusters to be paired in DLM have identical configurations, including security
  • Global LDAP is configured to share user-group mappings across clusters
  • If using Kerberos with different KDCs, two-way trust is configured between the KDCs
  • If using AD, there is no support for trust relationships across multiple domains or forests