DAS Release Notes
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Known Issues

Data Analytics Studio 1.2.0 has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release:

Known issues

  • DAS fails to connect to Hive on an HDP 2.6 cluster, if the transport mode is binary. The Hive interactive server transport mode should be http if you are using HDP 2.6.
  • Visual Explain for the same query shows different graphs on the Compose page and the Query Details page.
  • While running some queries, if you restart HSI, the query execution is stopped. However, DAS does not reflect this change and the queries appear to be in the same state forever.
  • After a fresh installation, when there is no data and you try to access the Reports tab, it throws HTTP 404 Not Found Error.
  • When you try to load a database with more than 3000 tables, the Compose page crashes.
  • Join count does not get updated for tables with partitioned columns.