Data Analytics Studio Installation
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Configure Postgres database

DAS requires a PostgreSQL database for storing query event information. During the installation, you can choose to have DAS install and configure a default, embedded PostgreSQL database for use, or you can configure an external PostgreSQL database. You can do this by checking or unchecking the Create Data Analytics Studio database option.

If you want to use and manage your own database instead of the default database, you must configure the Postgres database and create the required roles in the database.

Although DAS provides an option to use the default, embedded database, the embedded database is intended for non-production use. It is strongly recommended to use an external database for production environments.

  • The default, embedded database is created on the same host as the DAS Webapp component. It should not be installed on the Ambari server host because it could conflict with the Ambari embedded PostgreSQL instance.
  • The external database that is supported for use is PostgreSQL 9.6.
  • When creating an external database, the database name should be the same as the database username.