Data Analytics Studio Operations
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Managing tables

Using the Database Explorer, you can search for tables, create tables, edit tables, and rename tables.

You can also upload tables to add them to the database.

For each table, you can view the following details in the form of tabs:

  • Columns - You can view the details of each column of the table. You can also search for columns using the Search box.
  • Partitions - You can view the details of columns that are partitions in the table. You can also search from the list of columns.
  • Storage Information - You can view the storage information of the table such as input format, output format, if the table is compressed, number of buckets, buck columns, and more details.
  • Detailed Information - You can view details such as the name of the database, the owner of the table, the created time, the last accessed time, table type, and more details.
  • Statistics - You can view the table statistics and column statistics on this tab.
  • Data Preview - You can preview a few rows from the table.