Securing Cloudera Flow Management
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LDAP User Sync Configuration

You can allow LDAP User Sync for NiFi by using Cloudera Manager safety valves for authorizers.xml to extend the configuration.

The user group provider, once defined, can be used to replace the default user group property for file access providers.

Property Name Description Property Value (Default)
xml.authorizers.userGroupProvider.ldap-user-group-provider.class org.apache.nifi.ldap.tenants.LdapUserGroupProvider Strategy SIMPLE DN Identity of Manager DN for LDAP Password LDAP Manager DN password Strategy Referral Strategy FOLLOW Timeout Connection Timeout 10 secs Timeout 10 secs LDAP URL (e.g. ldap://localhost:389) Size Interval 1 min Search Base User Search Base Object Class Example (Person, PosixAccount) Search Scope ONE_LEVEL Search Filter Identity Attribute Group Name Attribute Group Name Attribute - Referenced Group Attribute Search Base Object Class Search Scope ONE_LEVEL Search Filter Name Attribute Member Attribute Member Attribute - Referenced User Attribute