Cloudera Flow Management Release Notes
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Unsupported Features

The following features are developed and tested by the Cloudera community but are not officially supported by Cloudera. These features are excluded for a variety of reasons, including insufficient reliability or incomplete test case coverage, declaration of non-production readiness by the community at large, and feature deviation from Cloudera best practices. Do not use these features in your production environments.

Unsupported NiFi Processors

  • InferAvroSchema
  • ISPEnrichIP
  • ListenBeats
  • ListenLumberjack
  • ListenSMTP
  • ModifyBytes
  • MoveHDFS
  • ParseNetflowv5
  • ParseSyslog5424
  • PublishKafka_0_10
  • PublishKafka_0_11
  • PutCassandraRecord
  • PutDynamoDB
  • PutIgniteCache
  • PutMongo
  • PutMongoRecord
  • PutSlack
  • PutTCP
  • PutUDP
  • QueryDNS
  • RunMongoAggregation
  • SetSNMP
  • SpringContextProcessor
  • StoreInKiteDataset