Cloudera Flow Management Installation
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Get the CFM Custom Service Descriptor Files

A Custom Service Descriptor (CSD) file contains configuration information needed to describe and manage a new service. Download the CSDs for each CFM Service, specify ownership and permissions, and then restart the Cloudera Manager Server. You may find the CSD location in the CFM Release Notes.

You should perform these steps as root.
  1. Navigate to the Local Descriptor Repository Path configured in Cloudera Manager. The default is /opt/cloudera/csd:
    cd /opt/cloudera/csd
  2. Download the CSDs for NiFi, NiFi Registry, and the NiFi Toolkit.
    wget <NiFi-CSD-location>
    wget <NiFi Registry CSD location>
    wget <NiFi Toolkit location>
  3. Change the CSD owner. In /opt/cloudera/csd, enter:
    chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm NIFI*.jar
    chmod 644 NIFI*.jar
  4. Restart the Cloudera Manager Server.
    service cloudera-scm-server restart
  5. Restart the Cloudera Management Service. From the Cloudera Manager Status tab, click the Restart Icon or select Restart from the Cloudera Management Service drop-down.