Using Cloudera Edge Management
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Connecting Components

After you add processors and other components to the canvas and configure them, the next step is to connect them to one another. This is accomplished by creating a connection between each component.

  1. Hover the mouse over a component.
    An arrow appears as shown in the following image:

  2. Drag the arrow from one component to another until the second component is highlighted, then release the mouse.
    A Create Connection dialog appears as shown in the following image:

    The dialog allows you to choose the Source Relationships that must be included in the connection. At least one relationship must be selected. If only one relationship is available, it is automatically selected.
  3. Select CREATE to create the connection.
    It is possible to draw a connection so that it loops back on the same processor. This can be useful if you want the processor to try to re-process FlowFiles if the FlowFiles go down a failure relationship. To create this type of looping connection, simply drag the connection arrow away and then back to the same processor until it is highlighted. Then release the mouse and the same Create Connection dialog, referenced earlier, appears.