Apache Ambari Upgrade for IBM Power Systems
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Chapter 1. Upgrading Ambari and HDP for IBM Power Systems

Ambari and the stack managed by Ambari can be upgraded independently.


Ambari 2.7 only supports fully managing a HDP 3.0 cluster. If you are running any other HDP version, you must first upgrade to HDP 2.6 using Ambari 2.6. You must first upgrade to HDP 2.6.5 if you use Hive. Then, upgrade to Ambari 2.7 and use it to upgrade your cluster to HDP 3.0.

Not all cluster management operations are supported when using Ambari 2.7 with HDP 2.6. Please see the next section for limitations.

This guide provides information about upgrading Ambari to version 2.7 and then using Ambari to upgrade HDP to version 3.0 in an IBM Power Systems environment.:

Next Steps

Getting Ready to Upgrade Ambari and HDP