Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Known Issues

Ambari 2.7.0 has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release.

Table 1.5. Ambari 2.7.0 Known Issues

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N/ABUG-103704Slider service check fails during express upgrade in kerberos environment when HDFS client is not present on the host where smoke test command is issued.Move existing hdfs keytab from any other host to the host where slider service check failed.

If Ranger HA and/or Oozie Server HA is configured and a custom composite keytab file is being used, service checks for Ranger and Oozie will fail during the HDP 2.6 to HDP 3.0 Upgrade.

Re-create the custom Ranger and/or Oozie Server keytab files and re-try the service check, or ignore and proceed past the service check.

N/ABUG-105451Pre-upgrade checks can take a few minutes to run in large clusters.No known workaround.
N/ABUG-105515When installing a cluster on a small cluster, Ambari can place too many service on the first node.Use the installation wizard to place components on other servers in the cluster that have adequate resources to run them.
N/ABUG-105584If Knox is being used to access the Ambari Server and the Knox instance is being managed by the Ambari Server, Knox will be restarted as part of certain move master operations. This can cause the UI to unavailable.Use Ambari Server directly when performing move master operations as they may require Knox to be restarted, because Knox needs to be restarted to uptake the configuration telling it to point to the new location of the service being moved.
N/ABUG-105609Because of the ellipses added to component names, it can be tough to distinguish component actions for TIMELINE SERVICE V1.5, and TIMELINE SERVICE V2.0 READERHover the cursor over the component name to see the full name.
N/ABUG-105700When changing value of the ranger admin or usersync log directories, Ambari will not prompt you to restart Ranger components.Restart Ranger using the Ambari UI after editing either of these properties.
N/ABUG-106557Service checks for Atlas will fail when you have a wire encrypted cluster with Atlas installed,Try to remove Atlas, and re-add it.
N/ABUG-106672If an Ambari agents local cache of stack data has been corrupted any attempt to add a component to that host will timeout after one hour. 
N/ABUG-106836t's possible for administrators to create a short URL for an Ambari View that overlaps an existing short URL. The existing short URL will no longer work.Do not attempt to create duplicate short URL's, and if you do remove the newly created short URL.
N/ABUG-106995When saving a configuratoin change in Ambari, if there are any configuration validation warnings and you click Cancel, instead of Proceed Anyway, configuration elements will not be visible in the Advanced tab.Refresh the page or navigate away from the configuration section and back again.
N/ABUG-107022Ambari will show that a component has been successfuly decomissioned or recomissioned even if the process was not successful. Check the state of the component in the actual service before attempting to retry the operation. For example if decomissioning a DataNode, use the HDFS NameNode UI to check the state of that DataNode before retrying the operation in Ambari.
N/ABUG-107040The Ranger KMS Database Testing button will not display unless "Setup Database and Database User" is set to No.If warned about not completing testing for Ranger KMS, continue without testing the database.
N/ABUG-107057The OneFS service can disapear from the Customize Services step of the installation when navigating past this step and back again when the OneFS Management Pack has been installed, and OneFS is being used as the filesystem for the cluster.Go back to Step 4 (Choose Services), re-select OneFS, and proceed through the wizard.
N/ABUG-107067Service-level keytab regeneration should not be used in this release.Cluster-wide keytab regeneration is the only recommended approach for regenerating keytabs.
N/ABUG-107479The Zeppelin package will fail to install when using Amazon Linux 2.On the host you wish to install Zeppelin, just use `yum install zeppelin*` and restry the failed install operation in Ambari.