Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in Ambari 2.7.0:



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Components Server Fails to Install Packages with "No package found" ErrorsAmbari operation fails with large DB size in postgresAmbari puts Python scripts in 2.6 directory on OSes that use python 2.7.x by defaultAmbari makes unrelated changes to zookeeper quorum config in all services when delete host action failsAmbari Integration should call newer API to obtain log file metadataAmbari client configs API failing with 500 server errorAmbari JAVA_HOME env variable in ranger-env content for Ambari based installationAmbari, Ranger Balancer via Ambari fails when FIPS mode is activated on the OSAmbari on Files View on S3Ambari, Ambari Views cache file is delete before balancer access it during rebalance HDFS operationAmbari, HDFS with an installed cluster should be read-onlyAmbari configuration file creation for Ranger Plugins.Ambari, Atlas realm config change not workingAmbari* properties should be removed after installationAmbari evaluation does not work as expected for RequestResourceFiltersAmbari JHS Takes Too Long Due To Tarball ExtractionAmbari gets corrupted after uploading to HDFSAmbari, HDFS library version mismatch casue MR jobs to failAmbari Requests Too Much Data From Hosts When Logging InAmbari should setup tcp preference in krb5.confAmbari commons-collections-3.2.1.jar being used by ambari views to commons-collections-3.2.2.jarAmbari unsecure dependencies from Ambari Groovy ClientAmbari unsecure dependencies from Ambari Groovy ShellAmbari should not set world-readable permissions for atlas-application.properties fileAmbari, Atlas shows invalid passwords as plaintextAmbari URLs to Ambari server resources are valid URL'sAmbari server/agent connection with no cert verification possible with agent python 2.7.5Ambari 2way SSL does not work if custom CA signed certs are usedAmbari command-*.json files should optionally be deleted when no longer needed by the commandAmbari HDP version in UI after HDP upgradeAmbari throws NullPointerException when configuration type is not selectedAmbari Upgrade: Clicking on upgrade item shows no tasks on large clustersAmbari Client Pulls Back Too Much Information in Upgrade WizardAmbari does not show all cluster hosts to select for assigning HiveServer2 InteractiveAmbari service not prompting user to enter a mandatory field(database password)Ambari Install is unable to work with 'Redhat Satellite/Spacewalk' as local repositoryAmbari LB URL is pointing to ranger port by default when we click on Quick linkAmbari cluster memory graph is not loading in Ambari 2.6Ambari hive with "New mysql database" fails if mysql jar does not have exact name as shown on uiAmbari Metrics reports incorrect numbers in aggregated host metric data.Ambari contents fail to load in dashboardAmbari restarts not working when Ambari Server is configured to use Kerberos AuthenticationAmbari